Blue prism Modules.

There are Six Type of module in Blue prism.
  • Home
  • Studio
  • Control
  • Dashboard
  • Releases
  • System:

1. Home module displays default dashboard, the user has set on dashboard modules.

2.Studiois the place where we create the automation process by drawing flowchart creating business object and interact with other application and configure the element of the flowchart do a specific action.

3. Control module called as control Room. This is the place where we implement and control the process that you have designed and create in studio module.

4. Dashboard in Dashboard module, we can create dashboard with blocks of graph and chart called tile that dynamic generates with different dataset. These charts are self-refreshing.

5. Releases In this module we can create package and release files so that we can move the code b/w various environment like development testing and production.

6. System manager modules provide system & admin functionality like user account management, setting up environment variables, storing & managing credentials and logs etc.