Blue Prism - Process Studio.

Process Studio- Process is created as a diagram that looks much like a common business flow diagram by the development tool called Process Studio.

  • Process Studio
  • Process Creation
  • Running a Process

  • How to Create a New Process

    From the main Blue Prism window, select "Studio" from tabbed menu at the top of the screen.

    Step 1-Right- click the Processes heading under studio and then select "Create a Process" from the context menu.

    Step 2-Name the new Process "RPATutorial_ProcessDemo". Then Click Next.

    Step 3-Enter a brief description of the Process. Then click Finish.

    Step 4-Click on Created process “RPATutorial_ProcessDemo”.

    This is main page of process.

    Step 5-Create new page in process.

    Step 5-Run Process,first link the Start and End Stage with the help of link stage. then Click run(Go) key from Debugging tool.